John put on his new hat and walked out of the front door. And there on the stairwell was Sarah. Plain as day. But that wasn’t the worst of it, seeing his Ex-Girlfriend from five years ago. That wasn’t the worst of it at all. It was the fact that none of his old feelings for her were gone. And as soon as he saw her, he might as well have been a kid again. 

"You don’t need to cry about it, John."

"I didn’t exactly think you were ever going to come back, Sarah. You’ll have to excuse me."

John new that when he was with Sarah, he was never one to showcase his feelings this way. Perhaps that is what caused the relationship to crumble away like it had. But now, things were just different enough than they used to be. Sarah never made surprising notions like this, not even for John. Another probable cause for the demise of the relationship they had known together. But clearly, things had changed. 

John and Sarah slid into each others arms, and Sarah cried much the same way as John. But she would never let John see such a thing. At least not for the time being. John and Sarah both laughed and squeezed each other tighter. 

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